Pondering why some people live long despite excesses.. Is it good genes? Healthy environment? Healthy and/or godly attitudes? A combination of those and maybe other things? I only know what I, personally, have been divinely directed to do…and not do…to try and extend my life and health. What is bad for me and many, seems not to hurt others. One friend discouraged me from a radical eating change, appalled that it would be such a lifestyle change. And it DID discourage me. One pastor’s wife reiterated the popular slogan that life is too short to drink bad coffee. Let’s face it, coffee is not good for you. Well for me anyway, it was the first thing I believe I was directed to let go of. Sooner or later, we are going to have to pay the pied piper for our pleasures :-). Alas, I am at that point in life. Was the pleasure worth it? I am still fighting, not to worry. Just wondering if that lifestyle change will be worth it after all? Pleasure is a good thing. And so many of our traditional pleasures do seem to require a payment…eventually. Nuff of that for now. Got other fish to fry. Oh wait…fried is bad for you :-)!